Nine (9) Robots You Should Probably Employ in Your Home for a Soft Life

Who wants a hard life cleaning when thanks to science, you can employ robots? Below are nine (9) robots that can give you the royal treatment you want.

Robot Vaccums

Robotic vacuums are the new big deal. These robots save you time as they can be programmed to clean while you’re away attending to other things. They can also be controlled remotely and they clean the hardest-to-reach parts of your space. They have sensors and buffers that protect them and other items from accidental damages.

Robot Mops

These are like the bot vacuums, only they’re meant for mopping. They offer all the advantages of the bot vacuum and come with different mode options for small spills and tough cleaning.

Window Cleaning Robot

These can work automatically or are remote controlled. They suction onto the glass and move from one edge to the other, cleaning. Great for hard to reach windows.

Robotic pool cleaner

Just plug, dump them in your pool and relax. They scrub the walls and floors, filter and circulate the water. They may even be controlled with phone applications. Easy life much?

Toilet cleaning robots

Cleaning toilets must be one of the most irksome chores and for good reason. Toilet cleaning robots scrub toilets from top to interior. Some achieve this feat in about ninety (90) seconds. Definitely a must have.

Smart ironing machine

Your washing machine washes and dries and then what? Get multiple clothes dewrinkled and sterilized in no time at all. No more scorching your clothes too. Get an automatic ironing machine and say bye bye to this time consuming chore.

Laundry folding machine

Yes you read right. No more sharing your bed with your fresh laundry. Feed in your clothes and you have them perfectly folded five (5) seconds later.

Lawn mowing robots

Time to have a great looking lawn without spending any time or energy putting in the work. These automatic lawn mowers do a great job at grooming your grass. With their ability to go uphill and cutting lengths of up to ten (10) centimeters, they definitely have no trouble tending to your lawns on your behalf.

Auto grill cleaner

Now that the house is squeaky clean with almost zero effort let’s have a barbeque and when we’re done; the grill cleaning robot comes to the rescue. No more dealing with grease. Enjoy your grill and let our friend here clean after you.

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