6 Amazing Cleaning Innovations That Make it Easier To Clean Your Home

Everyone loves clean spaces but keeping your home clean can be hectic and time consuming. Thankfully, there have been recent innovations to help keep your home squeaky clean with half the effort and time. Here are our top 6 picks in no particular order.

Drill Brush Scrubbers

These automatic handheld scrubbers are a very welcome tool for household cleaning. They allow you to clean in half the time and with almost zero effort. These electric machines are much more powerful than hand scrubbing and remove even tough stains. They are also multipurpose; whether it’s the kitchen sink, your bathroom walls and floors, your carpets, your car,  just virtually anything. The attachment sets usually come in varying shapes and sizes so you can choose the most appropriate brush for the surface you’re cleaning.

Electric Spin Scrubbers

As another variation of scrubbers, these usually come with extendable handles. They also come with a set of changeable heads for different surfaces. These heads spin like the name implies to automatically scrub surfaces. Most of these scrubbers are cordless and this means you get to clean even the exterior of the house without worrying about electric plugs and connections. They do make cleaning tasks much easier. They can also be used on almost every material; glass, wood, ceramic and others.

Spray Mops

Spray mops are the traditional mop and bucket in one. They come with refillable tanks that can be filled with water or any cleaning solution. A button on the handle squirts out this fluid when pressed. This hand trigger helps to control the amount of cleaning solution used. It also means there’s no need for electricity. The mop heads usually have microfiber pads that are ideal for most surfaces including hardwood, vinyl and ceramic tiles. There are also some rechargeable and corded variations that add a bit of power scrubbing to remove tough dirt and stains. Some even come with a sort of vacuum component to capture debris.

Steam Mops

Steam mops allow you to clean floors without the use of chemicals. In lieu of this, the mop uses a heating mechanism (steam)  to sanitize floors. This makes it not only faster than traditional mops but also more sanitary. The steam can also break up tough stains that traditional mops can’t remove by themselves. Steam mops are designed to be used with plain water and not any other cleaning solutions or products.

Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners have been loyal cleaning assistants for a while but they got better! The cordless versions are relatively lightweight, more flexible and farther reaching. It also saves you the plug-play routines that comes with lugging traditional vacuum cleaners across different portions of the house. Most models can also double as hand held vacuums.

Window Vacuums

There’s something for your windows too. The window vac leaves your window clean and dry with no streaks . Most are cordless with rechargeable batteries and detachable water tanks. They wet the window, clean and dry at the same time. This saves you extra effort and time. Its name notwithstanding, it can clean other surfaces like countertops, shower screens, tiles and mirrors.

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