Top 5 Cleaning Companies in Ghana, 2024

Ghana has seen a plethora of cleaning companies over the years. These companies aid in domestic cleaning as well as corporate cleaning across various industries. Check out 5 of the best cleaning companies in Ghana.

BV Clean Ltd.

At Number 1 is BV Clean. BV Clean specializes in both industrial and domestic cleaning. Domestic services include mechanized cleaning of water holding tanks, water treatment and water filtration. Their industrial services include cleaning liquid holding tanks like underground and overhead tanks and oil and gas bulk product storage tanks at depots. They also clean technical areas including chimneys, towers, industrial kitchen hoods, generating extractor units and chutes. BV Clean is also equipped to handle all heavy-duty engineering equipment which requires power cleaning. Finally, they clean streets, pavements, terraces, gutters, and crevices. Not only is this company interested in rendering excellent services to its clients, but it also hopes to create the highest number of well-paying sanitation jobs in the country.

Zoomlion Ghana Ltd.

Zoomlion Ghana Ltd. is a company in the waste management as well as environmental sanitation business in Ghana. It is a wholly Ghanaian owned company that focuses on delivering total waste management solutions. They provide integrated waste management solutions from waste collection, through haulage, transfer and sorting to recycling and disposal.

Dansworld International Services Ltd.

Dansworld International Services Ltd. is an environmental and facility management company specializing in cleaning, waste management, sanitation services, pest management and disinfection services. They perform services in the construction and real estate industry, banking industry, commercial, warehouse/distribution, education, retail, food services industry, health industry and religious organizations.

GL Janitorials Ltd.

GL Janitorials Ltd.  provides professional cleaning solutions and support services to many corporate organizations in various industries. They offer office cleaning, residential cleaning, guest and facility management, window cleaning, laundry services, floor maintenance and restoration, fumigation and pest control and see post construction cleaning.

Cleaning Solutions Ltd.

Cleaning Solutions Ltd. (CSL) is a manufacturer and distributor of industrial, institutional, and domestic cleaning and hygiene chemicals. They supply cleaning and hygiene products/chemicals and systems. They also provide services like audit and training in cleaning/hygiene to institutions, hospitality, and industrial sector. Finally, they provide contract cleaning services to offices, private homes, and factories.

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