Clean Like a Pro With These Five Products in Your Kitchen.

Clean Like a Pro With These Five Products in Your Kitchen.


Vinegar is effective for getting rid of dirt, grime and grease. You can clean almost every surface with it; windows, floors, microwaves, fridges, stoves, sinks, kettles, pots and pans, toilets and tubs, virtually anything. It is excellent when you don’t have bleach handy or when you need to clean a place or item that needs protection from harsh chemicals.

Baking Soda

Mixed with vinegar or alone, baking soda is great for cleaning. It also absorbs odors and is excellent when you need to give your sponge a little more scrubbing power. It can also be used to unclog drains among others.


Lemons are great at removing stains from surfaces and cookware. You can also mix in some lemon juice or rinds with your homemade cleaning solution and leave your home with that crisp and clean lemony fragrance.


It doesn’t just make the party more fun, it can make the house spic and span too. Use vodka to clean glass and mirrors, get rid of soap scum, remove grease and sweaty scents and well as to disinfect. Mix vodka with your favorite essential oils for a home-made diffuser.


Cleaning day? Grab a cola from your fridge. It gets rid of grease, oil stains, rust, blood stains and more. It also does an amazing job at cleaning toilets and declogging.

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